Sweater Weather Tag

Hey guys! Today I decided it would be fun to do a little tag questionnaire relating to (of course) fall!

1. Favorite Fall scent?

My favorite fall scent is easily rain after the leaves have fallen. Rain smells amazing anyway, but FALL RAIN? The best smell ever.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Psh, obviously coffee.

Homemade iced coffee

3. What’s the best fall memory you have?

I think I’d have to go with raking leaves with my brother in our front yard as kids. We’d pile the leaves up as high as we could (duh) and then jump all over them to hear them crunching.

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged eyeliner?

So basically I suck at makeup and can’t do winged liner to save my life, but I also can’t pull off dark lips… but I think they both have their place in the makeup world. I think I’d have to say winged liner is more my style for everyday wear though.

5. Best fragrance for fall?

I haven’t seen this particular scent at Bath and Body Works in years, but I think Sensual Amber is great for fall. As far as scents that are still available? I guess I’d have to say that brown sugar one (not sure what it’s actually called) from Bath and Body Works is pretty nice too.

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

For basically my whole life it’s been mashed potatoes and gravy, but the last few years I’ve been lovin’ stuffing.

7. What is Autumn weather like where you live?

Rainy, cloudy, and foggy!

8. Most worn sweater?

Oy, that changes cause I have a ridiculous collection of sweaters, but right now, I’d say it’s this one (more of a selfie than a sweater pic, but you get the idea):

9. Must have nail polish this fall?

Oh man, I used to be obsessed with painting my nails, but since having Basil I really don’t have the time. However, I will say that I’ve always liked lighter colors for my fingers and darker colors for my toes.

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

I mean… neither if I’m being honest. Football is sooo boring and jumping in leaf piles grossed me out… you don’t know what’s crawling around under all those leaves.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings?

I’d like to say I’m a jeans kinda girl just because that seems like the more “put together” answer, but leggings are my go-to. They’re comfy and easy and can look super cute depending on how you wear them. I know there’s a ton of hate towards wearing leggings as pants, but I definitely wear them as pants anyway. Does yolo apply here?

12. Combat boots or Uggs?

Combat boots if I’m really trying to look decent and Uggs when I just need to get out the door. But really, I mostly just wear little sneakers most of the time.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Nah man.

Sweater Weather blog tag

There you have it – a bunch of answers to questions you probably didn’t wanna even know the answers to, to begin with! It was kinda fun though, so look out for more questionnaires like this in the future!

Thanks for reading!!

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