What Made Me Happy in September

Wow! I can’t believe another month has flown by so quickly, and what a great month it has been! If you read my one of my recent posts, you would know that I’m really enjoying my life. One thing I’ve been doing to be happier is being more positive and focusing on what makes me happy, and being thankful for those things. Whenever I’m feeling down or frustrated with a situation, I try to think of what is making me happy in that moment rather than focusing in on what is making me upset, and as lame as that sounds – IT WORKS! I’ve taken some time to compile a list of things that have made me happy this month and how they helped me to focus on being positive.


The best day of the week as of lately. Michael is off from work and school so we get a day to just hang out and relax. The last few weeks we’ve been using our Sundays to go on hikes rather than just doing errands and extra chores around the house and it’s been so nice. The weather has been perfect and now that Basil is more aware of his surroundings I think he’s even been enjoying it.

Tubbs Hill lake Coeur D’alene Idaho

Visiting family

At the beginning of the month, we drove to Great Falls to stay with my family for a weekend, and it was MUCH needed. It’s crazy how your relationship with your family changes the older you get. I’ve found that I miss them a lot more and I definitely enjoy my time with them more now, and unfortunately, I see them so infrequently. My family has always been very close and we spend a lot of time together just hanging out and that’s one thing I really miss living so far away.


I’ve always loved a good ol’ cup of coffee, but I’ve definitely been appreciating it more and more in my old age (twenty-one is gettin up there, right?). It’s especially nice now that Basil has been sleeping through the night (YAY!!) but wakes up and is sooo loud every morning. I’ve even been enjoying the taste of coffee rather than just the energy it gives me!

Starbucks coffee and coffee mate creamer
(currently loving the HUJI app for photos)


Okay, I’ve never been an athletic person or someone that likes to exercise, but I’ve recently picked up some at-home yoga and let me tell you, it feels SO GOOD. I mean, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, but whatever it is, I actually feel good when I’m done and I kind of crave it every day now. I’ve always heard people say how they feel so good after doing whatever exercise they do and I’ve never known what they meant until now. Kinda lame, but my goal is to be able to do the splits by the New Year (I’m horrifically inflexible).

Watching Basil learn

It’s SO amazing watching a baby learn and grow. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that just under 5 months ago, Basil was actually in my belly. He learns new things every day and I love seeing how proud of himself he is when he accomplishes something new. Being a mom is so great; 10/10, do recommend.


Cliche? Possibly. I just can’t help but love sunsets. What’s not to love? My two favorite times of day are when Basil first wakes up and sees me cause he gets that big ol gummy baby grin, and sunset because it’s so beautiful and it’s around the time Michael gets home from work. As of lately, my favorite color is orange like in a sunset, or maybe just the color “sunset” if that counts.

Newman Lake Washington sunset

I’ve really been trying to focus on being happy and finding the good in all situations, so it’s nice to reflect and see just how lucky I am!

What made you happy in September? I’d love to know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!!

10 thoughts on “What Made Me Happy in September”

  1. It looks like life was really great to you during the month of September, I hope that the last three months in the year are just as great. Your son is so cute.💜

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  2. I totally agree, Sundays are the best, aren’t they?! ❤ That nature shot is beautiful!! I started enjoying my coffee black only just this year, too. I turned 23! Basil is a gosh darn cutie!! & the sunset photo is dreamy. ❤ Loved this post, Izzy!

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  3. It sounds like you had a great September! My husband and I went on a trip with 12 of our closest friends. We go twice a year, and sometimes there are 30 of us that go together!

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