Photo Friday

Photo Friday 10/5/18

Heeeeey guys!

I’ve decided I’m going to start this series called “Photo Friday” where I share my favorite photo I’ve taken during the week. Nothing too complicated or crazy, but I love taking pictures – whether that be on my fancy camera, or my low-quality iPhone. Lately I’ve been loving the app HUJI (#notspons, I just love this app) for taking pictures; it’s super simple and it takes a little bit of stress out of taking the “perfect picture”, which is kind of a problem for me.

meet my stinky kitten, Simon

So for anyone that doesn’t know, I have a cat named Simon. I love this photo for a few reasons; it’s one of he few times he’s come up to me since having Basil, and he spends all his time in the shop/outside so I rarely see him anyway. Also, look at how pretty my boy is! As far as cats go, I think he is so beautiful… or maybe I’m just biased because he’s mine?

This was such a cute and special moment! Basil and I were sitting on a blanket in the grass and Simon came up to Basil for the first time and rubbed up against his feet. I think Basil liked how soft Simon was and after that he wouldn’t stop watching him once he walked away to lay in the sun. Simon is kind of (okay, the biggest) asshole of a cat too, so it was really sweet to see him being so gentle with Basil.

I’m planning on keeping these posts relatively short – kind of like an Instagram post but slightly more in depth I suppose.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this, and if it’s not something you want to see on the regular let me know!! Thanks for reading!

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