Basil: 5 Month Update

My baby boy is growing so fast! I can’t believe 5 months have already flown by! I love watching him learn and grow every day, but at the same time, I wish time would slow down. Even on the hard days I try to remind myself that this time in our lives isn’t forever, and I should soak up every minute I get with my little Basil, whether that be snuggling and playing, or screaming and fighting naps with all his might. Anyway, I’ll stop with the mushy gooey mom feels and get on with the purpose of this post: sharing Basil’s 5-month update!!

Adorable five month old baby boy
I think he knows what it means when I tell him to smile now!


  • Rolling back to front – I can’t even lay him down without him rolling unless he’s sleeping!
  • Rolling front to back – he’s only done this a few times; I think the first time scared him so he’s afraid to do it now.
  • Started solids – his favorite so far is carrots! He’s tried bananas, rice cereal, and carrots – carrots being the first one he’s actually opened his mouth for the spoon and didn’t make any kind of stink face!
  • Can almost sit up by himself – he’s pretty strong; he holds himself upright for a few seconds before giving up and falling over.
  • Can support most of his weight while standing – he pretty much always wants to be either standing or sitting up at this point.
  • Scoots around on his tummy – he likes to go in circles over, and over, and over…
  • Smiles about everything – he is the happiest baby and I love it!! It’s so easy to make him smile and his smile melts my heart! Plus it makes me feel like I’m doing something right… win?
  • Grabs/holds toys – well, toys and anything else he shouldn’t have, like my coffee or my keys.
  • Constantly talks and babbles – he loves to talk very loudly, and he likes to wake us up in the mornings by yelling… annoying? Yes. But looking over his crib and seeing him immediately smile up at me makes it all okay.

So, I’ve never done any monthly updates up until now, but I feel like I covered all the bases. I love, love, love watching his little personality come through – he’s such a goofy, happy, lovable boy and I can’t wait to see the amazing person he grows up to be! I can’t believe he’s already been here with us for 5 whole months! WOW.

Anyway, I’ll wrap this up before I go all gooey mom mode again!

Thanks for reading!!

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