Seven Days of Coffee

As a human, coffee is enjoyable and I love it. As a human mom, coffee is a must, and I can’t live without it. A little dramatic? Maybe, but it gets the point across. Despite the difference between simply enjoying coffee and needing coffee, there’s something about it that just seems comforting and cozy. I definitely don’t do anything special with mine; I just add a little creamer and call it good! Maybe no one really cares, BUT I love coffee and I love taking pictures so why not make a short post including both? My morning coffee has been keeping me sane the last few weeks with Basil going through sleep regression and this loud screaming phase.

I used the HUJI app (#notspons, just love the app), so they’re not very high-quality photos, but I really like the style. Without further rambling, here are a few pictures of my coffee!

Starbucks coffee and coffee mate creamer
Homemade iced coffee
Starbucks iced white chocolate mocha

I’ve found that it’s easier to start out with iced coffee because by the time I find a minute to drink it it’s cold anyway, but sometimes it’s just nice to at least *attempt* to have a hot cup. We’ll see how this goes once it starts getting colder outside though… the microwave might have to become my new best friend! I hope you enjoyed this super simple post – I had a lot of fun making it!

How do you like your coffee?

Thanks for reading!!

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