How I’m Being More Positive

I’ve never been someone that likes cheesy inspirational quotes or is all about positivity until recently. In fact, I thought anyone that was happy or positive about life was either stupid or faking it. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that you get what you give and if you’re only putting negativity out into the world, that’s all you’re going to get back. I’ve definitely been working hard on being more positive and putting good energy out, and it’s totally been paying off! For anyone stuck in that “everything sucks, so I’m just gonna be negative” state of mind – knock it off! Here are a few tips on how I’ve been trying to be more positive and putting more positivity out into the world!

How I’m being more positive, how to be positive

Make your first thought of the day positive

Okay, okay, I know this is suuuuuper cheesy, but it’s actually been very helpful for me! Some days, waking up to Basil talking extra loud is just not something I’m down for, but that’s how it is for now, so I think about how awesome it is that my baby is going to smile so big at me the second I peer over his crib to look at him. Wake up, pour yourself a big ol’ cup of coffee, and think “it’s going to be a great day” and just see what a difference it makes!

Be thankful for what you have

I get it, sometimes the only thing you can do is be negative about a situation – I’ve been there. BUT, what I’ve been trying to do, is think about what I am thankful for in that moment of stress or anger or whatever negative emotion I am feeling right then and there. Honestly, just thinking about what I’m thankful for on a regular basis is humbling anyway, and who doesn’t need to be a little more down to earth?

Train your mind

It’s hard to completely change your way of thinking, but it is possible to make some changes. Little by little, train yourself to see the good in everything. Being more positive isn’t something that I did overnight – it’s something I’m still working on and will do so for probably the rest of my life. It takes time, effort, and thought to see the good in things, but try it! Next time something doesn’t go your way, take a minute to accept what went wrong and then find the positive.

Train your mind to see the good in everything, positivity

Let yourself be *insert negative emotion here*

However you’re feeling is completely valid. Angry, sad, frustrated, over it – whatever that negative emotion you are feeling isn’t something you’re feeling for no reason. So let yourself feel that way, and then move on. Some days it’s hard to stop being in a mood because I had to wake up a few extra times to help Basil get back to sleep, but it’s not doing myself or anyone around me any good to hold onto that. Let go of the negative feeling, and have a better rest of the day!

Learn to laugh at yourself

Laugh it off! After all, we’re all just little tiny specks in this crazy huge galaxy, so why take everything so seriously? Find the humor in things rather than being mad about what happened. Odds are you won’t even remember the specifics of the situation down the road. Don’t take yourself so seriously!

Choose happy

I think everyone could use a little more positivity in their life, and practicing these simple things have helped me get that. The way I see it is that everything can be a learning experience, you just have to be open to learning from it and take things less seriously.

How are you practicing positivity?

Thanks for reading!!

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