A Cruise on Lake Coeur d’Alene

Hey guys!

Today I just have a short post for ya! We were lucky enough to be gifted some free passes for a cruise on the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, and we used them on such a nice day!!

Beautiful cruise on Lake Coeur D’alene

I’m not gonna pretend it was a perfect day because it wasn’t – I woke up exhausted because Basil is teething again and has been waking up constantly, so we were already battling me being too tired and an upset baby, but we weren’t going to let that ruin our day! We took our time getting ready in the morning because we couldn’t make our reservations until 11 am for the 12:30 pm boat ride, which was kind of nice because usually our Sundays together are pretty rushed and we have a ton of stuff to get done.

View from a boat on lake Coeur D’alene
my view from inside the boat

About 15 minutes after we got on the boat, we realized this was the first time we’d ever been in a situation that if Basil was in full on meltdown mode we couldn’t get away and save the people around us from a crying, upset baby. He was fussy for the first little bit, but I rocked him to sleep – or perhaps it was the rocking of the boat that put him to sleep – and he slept for about half an hour. This was a 90-minute little cruise trip, and after his short nap, he was in a pretty good mood for the remaining hour. He seems to earn himself quite a few fans wherever we go and there was this couple sitting behind us that kept trying to talk to him and making faces at him – this drives me insane!

Blue waters of the gorgeous Lake Coeur D’alene in Idaho

Anyway, I think the only part of the cruise we didn’t like was that the bartender was talking on the speaker system the whole time and he was soooo annoying. He kept trying to make jokes but was only super cringey, so we were pretty glad when he finally decided to stop. At one point we could see a semi parked in a pullout on the freeway that had a GIANT potato on it – it looked huge even from the middle of the lake! Of course, after the cruise, we had to drive by it because duh, how do you not get a little curious about something like that?! The weird thing was that it looked like plastic, but it actually smelled like a potato and we could smell it before we could even see it!

Father and son on lake Coeur D’alene

Overall, it was a really nice day! I’m glad we were able to just relax and not have the longest to-do list like we usually do. Plus, the last time we went on a cruise of the lake was at night so there weren’t really “views” other than the Christmas lights. I’m glad we are able to do fun things like this with Basil too, they make for some great first memories as a family!

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Thanks for reading!!

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