Decluttering My Makeup Collection

I decided to FINALLY go through all of my makeup and get rid of things I don’t need, things that are old, and things I just don’t like. I’ve been putting this off for a loooong time because I have quite a bit of makeup (especially for someone that rarely wears makeup anymore) and because I feel kind of weird getting rid of makeup I’ve only used a couple of times. Anyway, it had to be done, so here’s how it went!!

I started by getting all of my makeup and sorting it into groups – lips, eyeshadow, brushes, etc.

Makeup purge, getting rid of makeup collection
all of it (way too much)

So I pretty much just kinda threw these all in piles because there were too many to set up all pretty-like. One of my main goals here was to get everything I kept to fit into one makeup bag so I don’t have drawers to search through and mounds of products I don’t even use.


Okay, so I had so many eyeshadows and I really only wear the same 4 or 5 anymore, and a lot of these were from years ago! No idea why I held onto some of these for so long, especially when I didn’t even like them!

eyeshadows I got rid of
eyeshadows I kept

Eyeshadow has always been one of my favorite makeup categories – it’s so versatile and you can completely change your look! Lately, I’ve only been doing a shimmery light color all over my eyelid so I look more awake (and it really cuts down on time), so I just don’t need that many colors anymore.


I have, like, the smallest lips ever and they’re super sensitive to most products, so I’m really not sure why I buy so much lipstick… but I did and I will probably continue to do so. Pointless? Definitely, but there’s something about a brand new lipstick that hasn’t yet damaged my lips and made me regret buying it in the first place that is just so enticing.

lipsticks I kept

I probably could’ve gotten rid of more, but once I find something that doesn’t completely destroy my lips after wearing it for a few hours, it automatically becomes a favorite. I don’t really wear lipstick that often now because I don’t wanna get it all over Basil cause I can’t not kiss him constantly, but I think I kept a nice selection for when I decide to!


I’ve never been someone that likes foundation or blush or really any face products except for highlighter. I’ve tried quite a few different foundations and BB creams and whatnot because I do have some redness I’d like to cover up, but I can never make it look good and I hate the feeling of having makeup all caked on my face – props to anybody that can make foundation look good, cause I can’t figure it out!

face products I got rid of
face products I kept

I kept all of my highlighters, a bronzer, and a blush palette just in case I want to feel extra pink and pretty one day. Maybe I’ll try a tinted moisturizer if I’m feeling adventurous one of these days!

So, as a little wrap-up, here’s what I got rid of:

Makeup pile, getting rid of makeup

And here’s what I kept:

Getting rid of makeup, favorite makeup products

It feels pretty good to know that I cut my makeup collection in half and I have only what I need and use now (okay, maybe I kept a couple of things “just in case” too)!!! It’s strange that makeup is so easy to hoard and get a huge collection of, especially for someone like me that has never been that into it. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite things to do is sit down and take my sweet time with my makeup, but I’ve always been someone that uses the same few products and switches things up only every now and then.

Am I able to fit everything into one makeup bag? No. I basically put the same things as before into my “everyday bag” and it the rest back into only ONE drawer, rather than split up into three. Honestly, I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Now I’m off to go replenish my makeup collection with new products! *wink wink*

What are your favorite makeup products?

Thanks for reading!!

8 thoughts on “Decluttering My Makeup Collection”

  1. Make up is only good for six months to a year so this is definitely something I should do more often. I just hate throwing it out if I haven’t used it all.

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