Photo Friday

Photo Friday 10/26/18

It’s Friday, woo!!!

We’ve made it through another week, and boy has it been a long one! It seems like Basil has been teething forever and still nothing has popped through, but hopefully soon though. I hate seeing him upset/in pain and not being able to help other than providing distractions and things to chew on.

Anyway, here are the photos of the week, I couldn’t choose just one again!!

Mother and son, mom and son, mama and baby boy

A very smiley Basil and I! We’ve had kind of a rough week – he’s been very fussy and hasn’t been going down for naps or eating very well. I’m assuming that has to do with teething and possibly a growth spurt or something – hopefully it passes soon! In the mornings he’s been waking up and wanting to play and cuddle and it’s definitely his happiest time of the day! I’ve also finally been able to make him belly laugh like Michael has been doing and it’s seriously my favorite sound ever! He’s getting goofier everyday and I love seeing his personality shine through.

Bonus pic! Our pretty Rory girl! She’s such a sweet pup, and she’s learning to be more gentle with Basil. She really loves giving him kisses and he loves it just as much, so it’s a win-win! She’s also a huge fan of his toys… she’s destroyed quite a few of them, but hopefully she outgrows this little phase soon!

Thanks for looking!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend – does anyone have any exciting plans?

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