Halloween This or That

Heeeeey guys!!

In honor of today being Halloween, I thought I’d do another fun little questionnaire! I found these questions by doing a quick google search, so nothing too special… just a little “get to know me” type of thing, plus it’s fun to answer questions like these! Anyway, here we go!!

1. Chocolate candy or fruity?

Chocolate, duh!

2. Witches of Vampires?

Witches! Although, before I had braces my fang teeth were waaaay above the rest of them so I looked like a vampire when I closed my mouth. I always said I was going to dress up as a vampire but I never did.

3. Trick or Treat?

I’m not too big on sweets so I’m gonna have to say trick!

4. Halloween Party or Scary Movie?

I hate scary movies, and luckily Michael does too, so I’ll take the partaaaay.

5. Skeletons or Zombies?

Skeletons!! We’ve had a little skeleton from the dollar store hanging up in our bedroom since last Halloween… and when we moved I still put it up… in March.

6. Trick-or-Treat or Hand Out Candy?

Hmmm, okay, I used to love trick or treating but I always wanted to hand out the candy too. I think I’ve kind of missed the “handing out the candy” window now until Basil is older. I can’t wait to take him trick or treating though!!

7. Hay Ride or Corn Maze?

I’ve never done a hayride but I suuuper want to. The corn maze we did this year was awesome though.

8. Scary Costume or Funny Costume?


9. Pumpkin Seeds or Pumpkin Pie?

Uhhh, honestly, neither. I don’t like pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds have that texture that’s like when am I supposed to stop chewing??

10. Bottle Feed A Baby Zombie or Walk Alone Through A Dark Forest?

I’m gonna go with the baby zombie. Can’t be *too* much worse than a teething baby that keeps kicking you in the stomach and clawing at your hands, right?

11. Bats or Black Cats?

Cats are assholes (Simon included), and bats scare me. I’m gonna go with cats though cause they’re cute and sometimes snuggly.

12. Pumpkin Spice or Hot Chocolate?

Hot chocolate!! Pumpkin spice is ridiculously overrated – there are so many better fall flavors!!

13. Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown?

Hocus Pocus has always scared me, even to this day… I love Halloweentown though! I remember staying up with my brother in the premiere night and being so excited… I just have really good memories, in general, surrounding the Halloweentown series!

Halloween this or that Tag blog post

I know with these “tag” type posts you’re supposed to pick people you’d like to see do it, but feel free to take this and answer these questions yourself whether that be in your own blog post or in the comments below! I’d love to know what you guys think!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween and thanks for reading!!

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