Basil: 6 Month Update


I can’t believe my little Basil boy is 6 months old as of yesterday – half a year that my baby man has been here with us! He’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met, and his personality is coming through more and more each day – he’s gonna be a goofy lil fella (poor guy might even have his mamas sense of humor)!

Six 6 month old baby boy photo sitting up
he’s actually not even leaning against the pillow behind him here!!

This month’s milestones

  • Army crawls – I’m not sure if this is exactly what it’s called, but he scoots all over the place pulling himself with his arms. Sometimes he lifts his little bum up and tries to crawl or something but he hasn’t quite figured it out yet.
  • He’s 16.3lbs and 28in long! He’s gonna soooo tall just like Michael and I!
  • Belly laughs – okay, he’s been giggling for a while now, but he’s been laughing hysterically the last few weeks now – he thinks Michael is especially funny!
  • Loves mirrors – every time I take him for his bath I let him look at himself in the mirror and he smiles nonstop! We also have a mirror you can see from the bed and every time he’s laying in the right spot he’ll stare at himself from across the room.
  • He (mostly) responds to his name – or maybe it’s just the noise he’s turning to look at, either way at least it’s progress!
  • Solid foods – so he started solids a little over a month ago but he’s really gotten the hang of it since then! He loves bananas, carrots, and prunes the most, but so far we really haven’t come across a food he doesn’t mouth dive to the spoon for other than peas or plain rice cereal.
  • Nicknames – baby man, mr. man, little man, Basil man, mr. Basil, Basil boy (not really a milestone, but still)
  • Tripod sitting – he can almost sit fully up by himself but a lot of times he just kinda tips over or falls onto his tummy. When he does stay sitting up he usually uses his arms and kinda props himself up like a tripod
  • He wears size 6, 9, or 12 month clothes depending on the brand! He’s super long though so I think that’s why it varies so much.

These 6 months have flown by so fast! I’m so thankful I get to be at home with Basil every day to take care of him and watch him grow. It’s crazy how much babies change even just on a day to day basis. Thinking back to 6 months ago when he couldn’t even smile on purpose or grab things intentionally is insane! It just goes to show that everything really is temporary and time moves so fast.

Adorable six 6 month old baby boy update

If you haven’t seen Basil’s 5 month update, I encourage you to go read that to see what’s different this month!

Thanks for reading!!

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