Photo Friday

Photo Friday 11/23/18

Hello again!!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!! It was Basil’s first Thanksgiving so I tried to soak up every minute of it more than usual. I think Thanksgiving is my one of favorite holidays because I just love the idea of taking a day to spend time with family with good food and being more conscious of what you are thankful for. I’m hoping next year we’ll be able to spend (some of) the holidays with my side of the family too, but we’ll see how it all plays out. Thanksgiving and Easter are my favorites anyway – which seems strange because I’m not religious at all, I just love making cute Easter baskets for people and I think it’ll be extra fun in the upcoming years with Basil too!!

Anyway, I’m writing this post a few days in advance for once because I want to be fully absorbed in a day with family and I don’t want to have anything else to worry about (haha, #momlife disagrees).

Happy baby boy food motivated smiling baby

So I, of course, chose this picture of Basil. He’s just the happiest little man and I couldn’t be more thankful or lucky for that! He’s got a messy face here which makes me laugh because he is so obsessed with food! He mouth dives for the spoon nine times out of ten, and he somehow misses it most of the time, which in turn mushes carrots (or whatever he’s eating) all over his face! Almost every meal ends with food up his nose and smeared in his eyebrows, but it’s cute and he likes it, so I’m okay with it too. Also, how photogenic is this kid? He’s so cute I can’t even handle it! Ugh!

Okay, I’m done gushing over the adorable little human that we made, so if you made it this far, please enjoy this photo of Basil falling over on the bed as a token of my gratitude:

Baby falling over funny

Yes, it’s blurry, the bed isn’t made, and it’s completely unedited, BUT, when I found this the other day I couldn’t do anything except ugly cackle! He does this constantly and part of me thinks it may be on purpose because he’s perfectly capable of sitting up now.

Alright, that’s all for today!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice weekend!!

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