What Made Me Happy in November

It’s time for this months’ What Made Me Happy wrap-up!

November has been a strange month for our little family, but I know everything is going to be okay and that’s all that matters. It’s always humbling to take the time to think about what I’m thankful for and what makes me happy with all the craziness that is motherhood. I enjoy writing these posts especially and I know I love looking back on them in the years to come!

What made me happy in November blog post the Chatty Mama

Basil’s first word

Basil said mama! Yes, it took a lot of coaxing and teaching, but now that he’s got it down he says it constantly. If he scoots too far into pillows around him and can’t figure out how to get it he goes “mooommmmmmm” and it’s so cute! We taught him to say dada a few days after and now he’s constantly saying it too, or rather instead!

Gloomy weather

Maybe it’s not the best for my mental health as I’ve kind of noticed my mood correlates to what the weather is, but damn I just love me a good gloomy day! Showing Basil fog for the first time was so cool and he didn’t know how to react which I thought was funny! Gloomy weather also is the perfect excuse to snuggle up and watch movies or read books while drinking a big cup of coffee, so count me in!!

Gloomy foggy spooky fall morning


Duh! I always love coffee, but this month I’ve been trying to experiment with it a little more than normal, and I’ve been really savoring any chance I’ve gotten to treat myself to a fancy drink from Starbucks or another local coffee stand. I’ve also gotten Michael to start drinking coffee instead of energy drinks, which I consider a huge win! We’ve been trying to find a roast we both like and so far haven’t had much luck. Either way, we use the French Press my mama got me daily and it’s quickly become my favorite way to make coffee!! If you like lattes, check out this recipe I’ve been loving!!

French Press coffee maker

Getting in the holiday spirit

For some reason, it hasn’t really felt like the holiday season the last few years when the time rolls around. It’s weird being away from my side of the family and not having decorations up or being able to shop for gifts or anything, but I really am trying this year to make myself feel like it’s that time of the year because it’s Basil’s first! I definitely enjoyed Thanksgiving and all the tasty food it brought, and I’m excited for snowy drives to look at Christmas lights, and chilly walks downtown to show Basil all the Christmas things!

Bringing my dreadlocks back

Yay! I’m so excited about this one! Previously, I had dreads for close to three years, then brushed them out and was super unhappy with my normal hair for about a year and a half. After thinking about it more and more, I finally decided why not go for it and redo them?! It’s my favorite way I’ve ever had my hair and oddly enough, I feel way more confident with untamable hair! I’m so excited to go through the lumpy, bumpy baby dreads phase and to see how this set turns out!!

Dreadlock girl baby dreads

First ski day of the season

Over the weekend, we were able to drop Basil off with his aunt and go skiing for a few hours! It was only the second day Lookout Pass was open for the year, but it was so much fun! Last time I went skiing I was six months pregnant with Basil, so this time I was able to let loose a little more and not be afraid to fall – which I definitely did! It was nice to have a few hours just to Michael and I to have some fun and not have to stress about the baby. Plus, Basil got to play with the horses, which he liked.

Six month old baby boy playing with a horse

That concludes this month’s favorites. It’s been another strange month for me – we’ve had a lot going on with Basil (everything is okay, don’t worry!) and now we’re ending it with the whole family being sick. I’m excited for December and to get into the holiday spirit even more, and then the New Year!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and had a lovely month yourself!!

Thank you for reading!

3 thoughts on “What Made Me Happy in November”

  1. That’s so adorable that Basil shouts for you now that he knows how to!! Sometimes I hate the gloomy weather but it sure is perfect for a hot cup of coffee and a movie/book.

    I’m glad you and Michael got to spend some alone time! & I hope you all get over the sickies! ♡

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