Fall Bucket List 2018 Check-in

Hey guys!

Today I’m here for a quick little check-in on my Fall Bucket List! I feel like this year is going by so quickly and I need it to slow down! Basil has already had so many firsts and there’s a ton more to come too. Sometimes I just want to stop time and keep him little forever, but I also love experience all these new things with him. Anyway, I’ll jump into this now for those interested!

Fall Bucket List check in the Chatty Mama

Mountain drive

Check! We’re pretty down for going on drives most days. A lot of times when we’re out and about we take the “back way” home and go through the mountains. I also like to take back ways when I’m going to the store or whatever errands with Basil instead of taking the freeway, and because of where we live, the “back way” basically means mountains.

Lake Coeur d’Alene

Walking around downtown

Kind of? I actually don’t remember – mom brain at its finest! I feel like Michael and I definitely talked about going downtown for some reason, but I’m not sure if we actually did. I know we had to walk around the park in downtown CDA to get to Tubbs Hill for our hike, and we had to walk through downtown CDA to get to our Lake CDA Cruise though… does that count?


Check! We definitely could have gone a few more times than we did, but we got a few hikes in and that’s what matters. I think it’ll be a little easier once Basil is bigger and less dependent on food every 4 hours too.

Tubbs hill Coeur d’Alene hiking day with the family

Pumpkin carving

Nope. I mean, I’m not even mad about this one honestly. Carving pumpkins grosses me out, so I think I’ll wait on this one til Basil asks about it a few years from now. Maybe we’ll paint pumpkins next year, I think that sounds fun, plus I actually enjoy painting and you don’t have to deal with the gooey, slimy guts that way. I think Basil would enjoy painting them too – or rather making the mess that comes with painting them!

Haunted houses

Nope. This one was more of a bonus bucket list item. I assumed we wouldn’t be doing this this year because it’s hard to find someone to watch Basil while Michael and I go out, and taking a baby to a haunted house is probably frowned upon. I also don’t know of any haunted houses around here other than Scary Wood, which is an amusement park during the summer that switches to a bunch of haunted houses in the fall. We went last year and it was so much fun, but I feel like it’s something to do every few years rather than every year anyway.

Basil’s first snow

Check! Okay, so I’m definitely just adding this in now because I was originally planning on putting it in my Winter 2018 Bucket List, but I forgot that it snows during the fall here too. Anyway, he was mostly confused, but it was cute watching him watch the snow. He was being so quiet and observant of it and I think it’s so cute when he gets like that!

Baby’s first winter snow

So, looking back on this list now, I realize that I was being a little too ambitious being a new mom all while Michael is extra busy with school and work. We did get a few of these done though so that earns me a gold star for the season, eh?

I think next year will be a little easier to do some of these things because Basil will be older, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!

What was on your Fall Bucket List?

Thank you so much for reading!!

Have an awesome week!!

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