Basil 7 Month Update

Whoa! I didn’t realize Basil was officially 7 months old until the day of aka December 6! I feel like this last month he’s gotten a lot more curious and he’s becoming his own little person. I love, love, love watching him explore and learn anything and everything!

I originally wasn’t going to even make this post because I didn’t think much had changed in the last month, but 1. I know my family likes to read them, and 2. Actually, a ton has changed!

7 month old baby boy wearing red overalls
Basil was super NOT into this outfit, but I love these overalls!

Now I’m just going to sip my coffee while I type this and cry proud tears because my baby boy is getting so big.

7 month old baby boy sitting up in ski chair
This was at Michael’s work in a chair made from skis! He wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a better picture, but this one is still adorable!

This month’s milestones:

  • Sits up: he can now fully sit up without being propped up against anything!
  • Rocks back and forth on all fours: he’s getting dangerously close to crawling and my poor little mama heart isn’t ready!!
  • Loves to be read to: this makes me so happy! We read a few books every night before bed and he sits in my lap and just looks at the pages and quietly listens. Sometimes he reaches out to touch whatever is on the page but once he’s done he’ll sit back and try to turn the page!
  • Sits up by himself: just this last week he taught himself how to go from laying down to sitting up! Sure, it’s quite the process to watch, but he’s gotten really good at it. One morning we woke up to Basil sitting up in his pack n play and from there on out he does it all the time!
  • Claps: he just learned this over the last 3 days, but it’s so cute! I’m not quite sure if he understands what clapping is for, but he’s been doing it constantly – he’s clapping as I type this, while he’s half asleep!
  • Loves food: boy, can this kid eat. Stick him in his high chair and he gets sooo excited! The only food we’ve come across that he doesn’t like is peas, but if they’re sneaked into another mixture of fruits or veggies he eats it without a problem.
  • Says ‘mama’ and ‘dada’: so he definitely said mama first, but the next day when we got him to say dada he prefers to say that now. He does go ‘mmoooommmm’ when he’s upset though, and I can’t quite decide if that’s a win or not.
  • Still no teeth: okay, definitely not an accomplishment, but it’s been rough. He’s been “teething” for months now, and still nothing! I’m hoping soon something pops through because I hate seeing him so upset about mouth pain and not getting any results from it.
  • Blows raspberries: ever since he figured this one out, he hasn’t stopped!
  • Loves mirrors: so Basil has this elephant toy with a mirror on the belly, and he finally noticed it for the first time a few days ago and it was the cutest thing ever. He looked at it and gasped and then squealed our if excitement because he could see himself in it! I like to show him what he looks like before and after his baths too and he loves it so much
  • Kisses: we’ve been working on this for a while now but he’s starting to get it down; I tell him “kisses” and he smashes his mouth against my face. Maybe a little weird to any non-moms reading this (are there any out there?), but I love it!
Happy healthy 7 month old baby boy and mama
90% of the time he’s this happy!

Wow. I seriously cannot believe my little man is already 7 months old!! It seems like just yesterday I was 39 weeks pregnant and so beyond ready to pop. It’s crazy that despite how over it I was towards the end of my pregnancy how much I miss it at the same time! As you can probably see from the photos I’ve included, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a non-blurry picture of Basil lately, so bear with us!!

If you missed Basil’s 6-month update, feel free to check that out to see what all has changed since last month!

Thanks for keeping up with us!!

Have an awesome day!!

3 thoughts on “Basil 7 Month Update”

  1. Non-mom here but I just love reading Basil’s updates. He’s the cutest, smiliest baby ever! ♡ I love that he enjoys reading with you & that he claps now! I also think it’s adorable he got excited to see himself in the mirror! The overalls are super adorable, too!

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