Photo Friday

Photo Friday 12/14/18

Hey guys!

Here we are for another Photo Friday! I feel like this week has dragged on and on and on for some reason. Maybe I’m just excited for Michael to finally have some time off and to get to see my family. Either way, it’s been a long week, and kind of a rough one for my mental health, but I have survived!!

I’ve been trying to get Basil into more of a solid routine the last week or two because the super loose schedule has started to mess with me too much. It’s hard to have such unpredictably in each, even if I am just a stay at home mom I’d like to know a little bit in advance what I can expect each day. I’m also trying to put him down for bed later in the night because he wakes so early every morning (around 5:30am or so), and doesn’t seem to want to go back to bed lately. Slowly but surely I think we’ll get a routine that’s comfortable for us both though!

So here are our photos for the week!

Happy 7 month old baby boy

Awe man, what a cutie! Excuse the low quality of the photo, but I just can’t bother with caring about that because of how cute my sweet Basil is! I’ve said it before, but I just have this irrational thing where I don’t like to let him be nakey because I’m afraid he’ll be easier to hurt when picking him up or something. Especially now that he’s CRAWLING, I’m so afraid he’s going to get hurt. He keeps smashing his face on the floor and as of now, it’s about a 50/50 chance he’ll either be completely fine and keep doing what he’s doing, or he’ll have a minor meltdown. I can’t even believe my little 7lb 11oz tiny baby is crawling already! It’s so crazy how fast time goes by!!

Happy healthy goofy 7 month old baby boy

What a goof. Seriously, he gets goofier and goofier every day! He makes me laugh every time he tries to multitask like this! Last night, he tried to crawl around why holding one of the little fruit teething toys in his mouth, but got confused and ultimately chose to just chew on the toy. He is 100% the best thing that has ever happened to me, and his goofy little personality shining through adds to how true that statement is more and more each day!!!

Okay, I can feel myself going into gushy, mushy, mom mode, so I’ll stop here before I melt into a pile of ‘I love my baby more than anything’.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed these photos of my adorable little man as much as I do!!

Have an awesome weekend!

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