2019 Goals and Aspirations

Happy New Year! It’s 2019!!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season and are ready to make this a great year for yourself! I know I did, and I am! I’m a few days late for the bandwagon on New Year’s posts, but I’ve been feeling a little uninspired and I’ve been having a hard time writing lately, but I’m finally here and writing!

So, I’m trying to put a more positive spin on the whole “New Years resolutions” thing here. I feel like there’s this huge negative connotation that comes with the whole idea of new year’s resolutions, and I’m just not into being negative about things anymore. Instead, I’m making a few goals for 2019, but I’m not going to make unreasonable goals or goals I know I won’t follow through with – like getting a gym membership, or giving up coffee.

Be more positive

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and although I have definitely gotten better about it, the cold, dreary whether has a pretty big impact on my mood and that makes it a little harder for me to be positive. I know I’m not going to be positive 100% of the time and that’s okay, but I want to be someone that sees the good in bad situations. I know being a more positive person has made me overall so much happier, which in turn helps me be a better mother and fiancé too, so there’s another perk! Who has the energy to be negative anymore anyway? Not me, that’s for sure!

Eat more, and eat better

I have a bad habit of forgetting to eat, or just not caring enough to make myself something to eat. In any given day, I generally have coffee in the morning, maybe a small snack during the day, and dinner before bed. I know I’m not giving my body what it needs, so I’m going to try to make eating a bigger priority in my daily life. I also want to work on eating better. I’m not really into sweets, but I love carbs. Like, too much.

Be in the moment

I will admit that I’m pretty bad about being on my phone and taking pictures all the time. This year, I want to be better about that. I’ll still take pictures, but I want to try to spend less time doing meaningless, mindless scrolling. The new feature on iPhones that tells you how much time you spend daily on your phone is kind of embarrassing – I usually spend about 4-6 hours A DAY on my phone! That’s way too much time in my opinion! I do have my little online jobs that I do from my phone so usually a good chunk of that 4-6 hours is doing work, but still, even with that it’s a lot of time spent doing basically nothing but killing time.


So for a while there, I did yoga every day for at least half an hour, and I loved it so much. I felt better, it helped me relax when things were getting stressful, and I genuinely enjoyed it! I want to try to do it at least 3-4 times a week; that way I’m not getting myself into a huge daily commitment right off the bat, and I can increase the frequency as I see fit. I also want to make it a goal to be able to do the splits. No logical reason here other than I just think it’s cool and I want to be able to say I can do the splits! I think I really want to make this a priority, because the older Basil has gotten, the more relaxed I’ve become with any kind of workout routine, and now I only go skiing maybe once a week, so a home workout type thing will make me feel a little better about that too.


I hate it. I hate it so much. But, I know it’s something I need to get better at for a lot of reasons. We have been cooking most of our meals at home now for about a year, so it’s not a matter of doing it necessarily, it’s just that if Michael doesn’t want to cook, I’m immediately down to go get something from a restaurant because I hate cooking that much. I also want to be better about being more self sufficient when I cook by myself because generally, I won’t cook anything unless I’ve helped and watched Michael do it before because I’m afraid I’ll mess it up (and I hate doing it), so I stick to the same couple of super simple recipes that I know were both getting sick of.

Make more time for me

I’m bad about this. I spend all day with Basil, then when Michael gets home, I spend the evening with him and then we go to bed. I’m never alone, and I know that’s not healthy. So, I am going to make my alone time a priority this year.

Slow down

I’m seeing a lot of people making this a huge focus for the new year, and I’m loving the idea! I feel like I’m always go, go, go, and I don’t think that’s a good way for me to keep living my life. I want to slow down and appreciate where I’m at right now. Yes, I’m a stay at home mom, but a lot comes with that – laundry, dishes, floors, counters, bathroom, all while keeping Basil happy, healthy, and occupied. I’ve also recently taken up an after school babysitting position that will take up a few hours a day as well, so I’m going to be extra busy now, and I want to make sure to remind myself that it’s okay to not get my list of chores done, and to relax, or play with Basil a little extra, or get in a few more baby snuggles.

So, I feel like I’m setting some pretty realistic goals for myself here. 2018 was such an amazing year. Did it have its ups and downs? Of course. But it gave me Basil, an even stronger relationship with Michael, and our lovable Rory girl. I’m so excited to see what 2019 brings for my family!

Happy New Year!!

P.s. sorry for not including pictures, I haven’t really been taking as many lately 🤷‍♀️

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