5 Wishes I Have For My Son

Lately I’ve been thinking of what I want for Basil’s future and how I hope he thrives in life. I thought it would be fun for me to share my top 5 wishes for him as he grows up and also I just really wanted to write it out for my future self to be able to look back on and see how these wishes change and adapt as Basil does too.

Wishes for my handsome baby boy son
how cute is my little man?!

So, here are the top 5 things I hope Basil has in his future – not necessarily in this order!

1. Happiness

Now, Basil is probably the overall happiest baby I’ve ever met, which I’m very thankful for obviously. There’s nothin better than seeing his smiling face and knowing that he’s genuinely happy and content in life. Of course, as he gets older and has more challenges to face and obstacles to climb, this may change, but I hope that he still finds happiness in anything he can – in everything! It’s taken me a long time to get to the point that I consider myself happy, and sometimes it’s hard to stay where I’m at or progress further. I want Basil to find happiness in the small things, in the big things, in the boring day-to-day things, in the strange things – everything. There’s almost always a bright side no matter how hard it is to see, and I hope he can.

2. Love

I used to think I would never find love. I didn’t date in high school, and then when I finally started “dating”, I never felt like I could fully be myself. I didn’t feel loved. I hope Basil can find what I have in Michael; comfort, safety, love. Of course Michael and I will always love Basil no matter what, but the companionship and comfort of a lifelong partner isn’t quite the same as unconditional love from your mama. Of course, love doesn’t always have to be from a significant other, so as long as he’s got a good, loving group of people around him that’s all I really care about. As of now, Basil has so many people around him loving him endlessly, and I have zero doubts that will increase as he gets older!

3. Success

No matter what he wants to do with his life, I hope he finds success. I know what it’s like to struggle and be scraping to get by and wondering if there will ever be an end to the hard times, and I don’t ever want Basil to go through that. I’m sure at one point or another he will, as most do, I just hope that he finds his way and is able to find success in something that he loves to do. Obviously there are soooo many ways to be considered successful in life, and success to one person may not be success to another person. To me, as long as he is happy, loved, and either working a job he likes or working towards a job he likes, that is success.

4. Good friends

I’ve always struggled with this. From having a ton of friends to losing those friends for whatever reasons, to having a very small tight knit group of friends and still losing them for petty reasons, I hope Basil is able to find a good group of genuine friends. I have a few good friends now, and I’m okay with that even though I do miss my old friends at times or wish I had more, I know the people that are in my life genuinely are good people this time around and care about me and my happiness, and that’s what counts.

5. Self acceptance

This one’s hard. No matter who Basil turns out to be, as long as he loves himself nothing else matters. I’ve always struggled to love myself – increasingly so with my squishy post baby body, but I definitely don’t have even close to the crazy issues I used to have with myself, and I’m proud of that. It’s so easy to pick yourself apart and dislike anything and everything, but it’s so much better and more freeing to just accept yourself for who you are and roll with it. I plan on raising Basil to be loving and accepting of everyone from all walks of life, and I hope he is able to apply that to himself as well!

Happy mom happy baby boy

I feel like this is an extra cheesy post, but it’s something I felt like I really wanted to write, so here we are! I hope you enjoyed!

What are your wishes for your kids, or even your future self if you don’t have little ones? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!

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