Photo Friday

Photo Friday 12/14/18

Hey guys! Here we are for another Photo Friday! I feel like this week has dragged on and on and on for some reason. Maybe I'm just excited for Michael to finally have some time off and to get to see my family. Either way, it's been a long week, and kind of a rough… Continue reading Photo Friday 12/14/18


Basil 7 Month Update

Whoa! I didn't realize Basil was officially 7 months old until the day of aka December 6! I feel like this last month he's gotten a lot more curious and he's becoming his own little person. I love, love, love watching him explore and learn anything and everything! I originally wasn't going to even make… Continue reading Basil 7 Month Update

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Typical Night Routine as a Mom

I don't know about you, but I find it very interesting to see how peoples day-to-day lives are. Everyone does things differently and it's cool to see just how differently and also maybe even stealing a tip here and there! So, I'm going to be sharing my night routine with Basil today! First, I'll start… Continue reading Typical Night Routine as a Mom


Basil: 6 Month Update

IT'S NOVEMBER!! I can't believe my little Basil boy is 6 months old as of yesterday - half a year that my baby man has been here with us! He's the happiest baby I've ever met, and his personality is coming through more and more each day - he's gonna be a goofy lil fella… Continue reading Basil: 6 Month Update

Photo Friday

Photo Friday 10/26/18

It's Friday, woo!!! We've made it through another week, and boy has it been a long one! It seems like Basil has been teething forever and still nothing has popped through, but hopefully soon though. I hate seeing him upset/in pain and not being able to help other than providing distractions and things to chew… Continue reading Photo Friday 10/26/18