A Busy Mama’s ‘Everyday’ Makeup Routine

As a new mom, I don't have much time for myself. I spend my days playing with Basil, taking care of Basil, cleaning, and doing mounds of laundry - seriously though, how can one tiny human dirty SO many clothes?! This means that most days I'm too busy to bother with finding an outfit (plus,… Continue reading A Busy Mama’s ‘Everyday’ Makeup Routine

Photo Friday

Photo Friday 11/09/18

I can't believe how fast the days go lately! Here's another Photo Friday! I almost didn't do it again because I just haven't been taking as many pictures lately. I think I've kind of been in a funk, but I'm working on it! So this was from yesterday morning (very last minute, I know!). I… Continue reading Photo Friday 11/09/18


Decluttering My Makeup Collection

I decided to FINALLY go through all of my makeup and get rid of things I don't need, things that are old, and things I just don't like. I've been putting this off for a loooong time because I have quite a bit of makeup (especially for someone that rarely wears makeup anymore) and because… Continue reading Decluttering My Makeup Collection