How NOT to Make Ratatouille

Hey guys! It's been a minute... I've been busy lately and haven't been spending as much time online (yay me!), as well as feeling not so in the mood to write as much. But here I am with another recipe (kind of?) post! I recently made ratatouille and it was aggressively not good. Anyone else… Continue reading How NOT to Make Ratatouille


Fall Bucket List 2018 Check-in

Hey guys! Today I'm here for a quick little check-in on my Fall Bucket List! I feel like this year is going by so quickly and I need it to slow down! Basil has already had so many firsts and there's a ton more to come too. Sometimes I just want to stop time and… Continue reading Fall Bucket List 2018 Check-in


Chicken & Black Bean Soup Recipe

Who doesn't love cozying up with a nice, hot bowl of soup on a cold fall night? Today I'm sharing a recipe I recently found that was so delicious! Most of the ingredients are things you might even just already have in your kitchen, which is definitely a bonus in my book! Anyone that knows… Continue reading Chicken & Black Bean Soup Recipe